Tinder Is Pushing For Interracial Relationship Emojis To Represent True ‘Emoji Equality’

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The “Interracial Couple Emoji Project” was launched six months ago, and the online petition has since collected over 50, signatures. The procedure for creating and releasing new emojis is a long one, and could take up to two years, but Tinder’s campaign is moving in the right direction.

Why are interracial relationships still an issue? Instagram Social media has the power to enthral, entice and divide. It gives people the platform to have an opinion about everything. But, if you want to take your relationship to the Twitter streets, anything is fair game – including your man. Rachel Kolisi learnt this the hard way. Many will know her as the tweet queen of clapbacks.

The Kolisis married in after four years of dating. Rachel is not new to controversy. In fact, she gives as hard as she gets. Her recent cryptic cup emoji had social media in overdrive, as online detectives tried to decipher what it meant after a model posted a seemingly innocent picture of herself and Kolisi at a photoshoot. It also inspired a slew of rants, with many lashing out at her for being a white woman attacking black girls eyeing Siya.

You need to grow a thicker skin Rachie! Another inboxed her on Facebook saying: In the book, they try to figure out why so many black women are wary of dating outside their race.

#RepresentLove: The interracial couple emoji project by Tinder

July 13, July 14, Closer home, you can send an emoji postcard from Mumbai-based PostMoji. Next month, Pondicherry-based luxe chocolatier Zuka is launching 12 varieties of chocolate named after feelings — tired, loving, grumpy, flirty and more — and the wrappers will have corresponding emojis. It is not all for the sake of novelty though:

Facebook has introduced new emoji, designed to represent a wide range of family types, skin tones and hair colours. These include a father and son with a dark skin tone, or two mothers, a.

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Repost the video with representlove on social and get others to join the cause. Share Now 3 Share the Love Couples who post pics of themselves in emoji stance and tag tinder with representlove will have a chance to win an emojified version of themselves. First come, first served, limited to first entries. Post Now How it Works How does an emoji come to be?

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Tinder rallies support for interracial couple emoji

Courtesy Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1. You are always learning. Dating someone from a different race exposes you to cultures that you otherwise might be closed off from.

Tinder is hoping the next wave of updates to emojis will serve what the dating apps views as an underrepresented group: interracial couples. Tinder started a campaign and created a

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Tinder Petitions for Interracial Couple Emoji

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A group of advocates which include dating app Tinder, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian and the founder of Emojinotion, Jennifer 8, are asking Unicode Consortium to add biracial couple emoji into its mix.

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