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Several railroads used them. If you really want to learn about date nails see: In Vol II pages to are devoted to information on Santa Fe date nails, timber and tie treatment. There is no mention of copper nails. There is however, mention of diamond shaped copper tags, normally held in place on ties with steel date nails, on various test sections. As for railroads that did use copper date nails the list is not limited to the Milwaukee Road. Among the other railroads listed as using copper date nails are: Southern California Edison also used copper nails. I may have missed the listings, but do not see listings for Postal Telegraph or Western Union, regarding the use of date, height or pole nails.

Railroads: The First Big Business

Not surprising, lots of employees do not set poles. Black River Co-op here locally has been using nails since I recently saw a aluminum 09 in a pole, I inquire with a lineman about the possibility of getting a few of them. He looked at me like I was crazy, he had no idea what I was talking about.. Southern California Edison used them from the teens up into the s..

Their personnel went out to the treatment companies and drove nails into the poles they approved for purchase

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In , the Village of Drummondville became the first organized settlement in Niagara. As a result of this new mode of transportation, business along the Portage Road dwindled putting many out of work. In , a group of businessmen formed a company to build a railroad between Chippawa and Queenston. They applied for a charter. These charter members were: William Hamilton Merritt, a member of the Provincial Legislature opposed the application.

Construction soon began on their railroad. It would be the first railroad in Canada. Shares were sold to help finance this endeavour. The shares became known as the Queenston – Chippawa Railway. At a general meeting on September 7th , civil engineer, James Archibald of Luzerne, Pennsylvania was awarded the contract to build this railroad. The railway was completed within five years after construction had begun. By , an electric rail line was operating between Chippawa and the Falls.

NYS Covered Bridge History

Several aspiring actresses got their start modeling in the catalog, including silent film star Gloria Swanson, femme fatales Susan Hayward and Lauren Bacall and even supermodel Cheryl Tiegs. Sears famously wrote every line of copy in the early issues, but after he retired the task fell to a series of writers, including author Edgar Rice Burroughs, who went on to later fame as the creator or Tarzan. And even big-screen cowboys and famous athletes, like Roy Rogers and Ted Williams, were recruited to hawk the latest products.

Date nails were usually 2 1/2″ long and date stamped on the head (a nail with a “41” stamp was from ). By the ‘s, date nails were common, peaking in the early ‘s with over different railroads using the date nail system.

The county is irregular in shape, has a total area of square miles, and is composed of 18 townships. About 20 miles of the county border upon the Ohio River, which drains most of the region through the various branches of Yellow Creek and Beaver River. A watershed passes through the western part of the county, with the result that the northwestern sections are drained into the Mahoning River, while the southwestern corner is drained by the Tuscarawas-Muskingum system.

The surface of the county is varied. The glacial boundary runs through Columbiana centrally from east to west and touches the City of Lisbon. The surface of the northern part of the county was therefore molded to some extent by glacial action, while the southern part belongs to the unglaciated plateau, the topography being decidedly hilly and rugged. The level land of this latter section is found along the main ridges and large streams, and it is here that the highest and lowest elevations of the county are found; the highest, 1, feet in Madison township, and the lowest, feet along the Ohio River in Yellow Creek township.

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Ring may be centuries older than previously thought Sunday, March 31st, The unique sapphire and gold ring discovered in Escrick, a town six miles south of York, by metal detectorist Michael Greenhorn in may be as much as years older than previously believed. It also may be of continental European, probably French, origin and worn by royalty, not by a lord of the Church. Experts thought the anomalous sapphire might have been a later addition replacing a blue glass element to increase the value of the ring and make it worthy of royalty.

In an attempt to answer some of the questions raised by this unusual piece, the University of York and the Yorkshire Museum held a workshop at the end of January at which leading experts from all over the country convened to see the Escrick ring in person and discuss its dating.

These nails were stamped with the date, then hammered into the rails for maintenance record purposes. Railroad crews ceased using the nails in , and today .

A-M Golden Age Railroading: History and photos of 30″ gauge logging railroads in California. History and photos of the Addison Railroad, a branchline of the Rutland Railroad, from to Photos, history, and more. Information and photos about ALCo diesel locomotives. A captivating thesis by Joshua Scott James, including photos and reproduced promotional items from the turn of the century.

Information on one of Northern Ontario’s historical railways for modelers, railfans and historians.

B&O museum showcases black history

In it Schwabacher’s opens a general store and wholesale house which purveys everything “from a needle to an anchor. The brick Schwabacher building was the second building in Seattle not constructed entirely of wood. The first was Dexter Horton’s bank with its stone front built on the northwest corner of Commercial and Washington streets.

The new building used Chuckanut sandstone for the basement and brick for the two upper floors.

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The Changing Scene, Vol. It is used here and expanded with permission. Although it closed more than 70 years ago, Monarch Park continues to pique the imagination of those too young to have experienced it and evoke vivid memories of shared festivities for those who did. As the best possible place for any kind of summer gathering, it probably touched more lives than any other spot in the area.

It was the favored spot, not only because of its facilities, but because of the ease of getting there. Because the development of the park is so intertwined with the introduction and competition among the street railways of Venango County, the story of its beginnings must start with Mr. Smithman was born in near Shippenville. Although he attended school only three months each year, he began a teaching career in Shippenville, Knox, Hill City, and finally near South Oil City, where, at age 20, he drifted almost accidentally into the oil brokerage business.

From that he went into a mapmaking business aimed at attracting oil promoters, and, by age 22, he also owned a shipping platform at Reno. Later he became chairman of the committee that, in , secured the charter for the new Oil City Oil Exchange, and he chaired the committee that developed its rules and regulations. His numerous business affiliations and ventures continued to grow over the years.

He was both successful and respected. By he was also manager of the Keystone Oil Company at a time when Standard Oil Company was flexing its muscles over the control of all phases of the oil industry. Without going into detail over his problems with the beleaguered Keystone Oil, it is important only to note here that, in his role as a whistle-blower in the conflict between independent producers and the giant Standard Oil, he made two enemies who would later haunt him in his attempts to develop the Oil City Street Railway.

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Written by Doug Hoff circa Hop, Vinland, circa a. Thorfinn Karlsefni took a good look around. Not a bad settlement, all things considered. Sod houses including one serviceable bathhouse coming along nicely. And they found the vines that they were looking for and some very nice fields of wild wheat.

Railroad date nail exploration and finds: I called my detecting buddy today to see how he was doing and told him I was thinking of exploring an abandoned railroad track from the s that is slowly being dismantled. Asked if he was interest.

The transcontinental railroad By the s most Americans recognized that westward expansion and industrial growth depended on a transcontinental railroad—one that spanned the continent from the East Coast to the West Coast. Many thought building such a railroad was impossible because of the great distance to be covered and the engineering obstacles to be overcome, especially the tremendous amount of money required for the project. The transcontinental railroad was clearly going to cost more than any previous American businesses, and by most people agreed that the federal government should provide aid to railroad companies to start the process.

That year Congress authorized its first federal grant a transfer or property by deed or writing , which consisted of public land to help promote and finance railroad construction. More land grants to the railroads occurred throughout the decade, but the greatest land grants were the result of the Pacific Railroad acts of and Under the act, two companies, the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific, were to build the railroad.

Construction on the Central Pacific lines was to begin in Sacramento and work its way east. The Central Pacific Company had been organized in California by railroad engineer Theodore Dehone Judah — , who had long dreamed of building a railroad that would cross California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and travel eastward.

To handle the business end of the Central Pacific, he brought together a group of California men who came to be known as the Big Four: Huntington — , one-term California governor Leland Stanford — , businessman Mark Hopkins — , and store owner Charles Crocker — Judah died before the work was fully underway, but the Big Four went on to oversee the building of the Central Pacific Railroad.

The other railroad created by the act was the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

Railway history – Western America Railroad Museum

July 2 — WWII: July 3 — WWII: British naval units sink or seize ships of the French fleet anchored in the Algerian ports of Mers-el-Kebir and Oran to prevent them falling into German hands. The following day, Vichy France breaks off diplomatic relations with Britain. Opening of Story Bridge in Brisbane.

William Watson, a history professor at Immaculata University, and his twin brother Francis, a Lutheran minister, have been investigating the tragedy at Duffy’s Cut ever since they found a file in their grandfather’s belongings describing the railroad’s investigation into the events.

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