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Long nails are a great place for germs to accumulate—germs that can easily be transferred into your body or to others. Health experts generally agree that nails should be trimmed short and kept clean for optimal nail health. Still, many women prefer to wear their nails long, either by growing their own natural nails out, or by wearing artificial enhancements. Either way, it is important to be informed of what the potential risks are and take every precaution to make sure you are taking care of yourself, and your nails. Allowing germs or bacteria to grow between or under your nails can be harmful. You use your hands every day coming in contact with hundred of objects, even other people. In general, hospitals and other health care facilities do not allow long fingernails on their employees. Similarly, the use of nail polish, glitters and other kinds of nail jewelry are often forbidden in such facilities. What are the risks of having Long Nails? Various health issues associated with keeping long nails are listed below:

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Tweet Share I wanted the long, slender nails I associate with a put-together adult. And now I finally have them. I bit my nails for almost 20 years. Yeah, you read that right. Nearly my entire life, right through adolescence and into my adult life, I have bitten my nails.

A look at a black line on the nail, a common change that can happen due to a range of causes. Included is detail on the diagnosis and when to see a doctor.

The bed part of the nail after its removal The nail consists of the nail plate, the nail matrix and the nail bed below it, and the grooves surrounding it. The width and thickness of the nail plate is determined by the size, length, and thickness of the matrix, while the shape of the fingertip itself shows if the nail plate is flat, arched, or hooked. This makes the capillaries in the nail bed below visible, resulting in a pink color.

The nail bed is the skin beneath the nail plate. The epidermis is attached to the dermis by tiny longitudinal “grooves” [5] called matrix crests cristae matricis unguis. It originates from the actively growing tissue below, the matrix. Several layers of dead, compacted cells cause the nail to be strong but flexible. The free margin margo liber or distal edge is the anterior margin of the nail plate corresponding to the abrasive or cutting edge of the nail.

It forms a seal that protects the nail bed. It is just under the free edge, in that portion of the nail where the nail bed ends and can be recognized in fair-skinned people by its glassy, greyish colour.


Emily Upton 12 comments Becky asks: When did women start growing out and painting fingernails? On humans and other primates, nails are a flattened version of a claw which likely developed to aid in gripping and climbing. The fact that healthy nails are the sign of a healthy person may have led to people beginning to grow them out, or it could have been simply that long nails are cumbersome when working with your hands, so they were something of a status symbol. Whatever the case, it might surprise you to learn that manicuring nails has actually been around for many thousands of years—dating back at least to B.

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These specific examples were unearthed at excavations of a Roman settlement near Galilee. Ex-Italian collection, acquired in the ‘s. Ancient Roman iron “Crucifixion spike” dating from the 1st-2nd century AD. A nice and very long example, well preserved! A nice and large piece, well preserved for iron! Slightly rounded head, bend in shaft from use! Slight bend in shaft, likely due to use in antiquity.

From an old European collection. Great state of preservation. Squared head, sharpened point.

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Nails and Wood Screws Jonathan Taylor The use of nails and screws can give an indication of the age of joinery or its fittings and provides a useful insight into a building’s history Reproduction rose-head nails of approximately four inches long: Nails supplied by IJP Building Conservation Hand-Forged Nails Nails were among the first metal objects made by mankind, indispensable or such everyday items as doors and roof coverings, shoes, buckets and barrels.

Early nails were usually square in section and the earliest were individually forged by hand from iron. The head of the nail was formed either by simply turning it over to form an L-shape or by striking a hand-held mould or ‘bore’ over the end of the shank to produce a shaped end such as a ‘rose-head’, a simple four sided pyramid shape. However, being hand-forged, the variety of shapes and forms are infinite.

These nails were expensive to produce and were used sparingly. Early Cut Nails The introduction of cut nails dates from the late 16th century with the advent of water-powered ‘slitting mills’. After hammering or, from the late 17th century, rolling the hot iron into sheets, each sheet was slit into long, square-sectioned bars by rollers which cut like a shears.

Bars of the requisite thickness were then made into nails and spikes by ‘nailers’. Only the head and the point were forged, so these nails, which were common from the 17th to the early 19th century, can be distinguished from earlier ones by the sharp regular profile of the cut section. Machine-Cut Nails The first machined nails were flat and headless. From these were produced from rolled sections of plate iron, cut into strips of the same width as the length of the nail.

The strip was then placed under a powerful guillotine which cut off a single nail on an angle.

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It is first important to note that girls take care of every detail of their bodies for two basic reasons. Guys that like when girls wear nail polish are quite quick to notice when their girls change the nail polish on their fingers. Guys who do not like when girls wear nail polish either overlook or condemn the girls for wearing nail polish. Now, there is something a bit tricky about guys who are indifferent, some of them just do not notice because it seems insignificant to them but if you call their attention to it, they will just tell you it is beautiful so that you will feel happy; some of them notice it only when the nail polish or the nail art is ugly and they will make you feel the disgust they feel immediately they will still remain indifferent about the good ones.

No guy likes an ugly girl and they do appreciate the sacrifices that girls make for them. The truth is an higher percentage of guys like it when girls wear nail polish. Thank you for your feedback! Your feedback is private. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Paul Robbins , M. Since nail polish is a mark of femininity, most men will find women more attractive if they wear nail polish.

However, most men are turned off by: If done right, polished nails can leave a lasting impression that YOU are beautiful not just your nails.

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