You have created your first Fdc. Tutorial here from Cre8tion Crochet. Experience Level Easy to Intermediate — The crocheting is simple but you should know how to sew a zipper onto a crocheted piece. Pattern Notes Ch2 does not count as a stitch. Your Fdc row is your right side. Use a stitch marker to help you recognize the RS. Instructions on border and attaching sides included in pattern instructions. Pattern Instructions Front Panel of the pillow Row 1: In CA Fdc 45 Rows 2

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I, for one, hate crocheting hundreds of chains at the beginning of projects. I love crocheting, and doing math, but for some reason I hate counting those chains anyone with me here? But what if the base is made up of double crochet dc? This tutorial shows you how to do the foundation double crochet fdc step by step. As with all other tutorials here at Crochet Spot, mousing over the images shows the photos for the left-handed tutorial. Yarn over, insert hook into 4th chain from hook the first chain made.

(*FDC stands for Chainless Foundation Double Crochet, and you can find the tutorial here. Or, just Ch 63, DC in second Ch from hook and DC across. Or, just Ch 63, DC in second Ch from hook and DC across.

After clearing the demolished two and a half ton truck out of the way, we continued on to Polei Kleng where we had to set up the FDC with overhead and as much sandbag protection as we could muster. It was a long night, interrupted with a mess call towards dusk. They had a huge tent set up and everyone lined up for hot chow. Although it primarily consisted of heated C rations and reconstituted potatoes, etc. I was told to take as much as I could carry and I managed a balancing act carrying a huge dinner out of the tent.

Just as I got to the exit someone had to yell those dreaded words “incoming”. I was in the tent door balancing my dinner which I still planned to enjoy incoming or not when everyone behind me bolted. I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and my dinner was jostled out of my arms into the dirt as everyone else ran passed me.

Being an old hand at this I simply walked towards the half built FDC bunker, feeling remorse for my lost dinner and looking to see what the fuss was about. About a half dozen plus came down in the span of about 10 to 15 minutes. It was the second or third time I had been the target of the dreaded mm rockets and it really caused me no alarm. The trick with them was that you could see them, like giant pencils, coming at you. What I learned was not to duck for cover because nothing there was strong enough for any safety anyway, but to watch them come in.

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This is why you can’t do a Read Track, then a Write Track with the same data to clone a track. First, Read Track will not always give you the right sector data, and it will definitely screw up the beginnings of sectors. Instead, format a blank track, then copy the data. If you’re fast on your feet, you can issue nine Read Sector commands in one track revolution, then nine Write Sector commands in one revolution. Follow the formatting command with a Read Sector for all the sectors on the track to see if there are any bad spots on the disk.

Apr 02,  · But, you typically use the FDC inlet as your water supply. Check with the AHJ, but it is likely they will be able to provide psi at gpm for your use at the FDC inlet. As long as you can use that pressure and calc your system to work, then you are good.

Queer news and culture. All of this got me thinking about how important Disney and its magic is not just to me and my family, but also to so many other queer folks. Why is it that so many queers love Disney? There is something special and magical about Disney stories and the immersive world building they create in their parks that lends itself to LGBTQs. I feel not just safe but truly embraced as my little self. The Chipmunks spent an extra long time with me and my partner, taking photos and signing our autograph book.

Then Dale took my rainbow Mickey bracelet off my hand and put it on his own nose. For some LGBTQ people, loving Disney is about remembering the ways in which the stories helped them through challenging times. First for someone else, then for themselves. During Gay Days, attendees are encouraged to wear red shirts, and many include rainbow mickeys or other queer coded images.

Although Gay Days is not officially sponsored by Disney, they are considered unofficially official because characters and cast members are aware of what the red shirts mean, and are known for paying special attention to LGBTQ visitors during Gay Days. As a non-binary Aspie physically disabled lesbian in a very neurotypical heteronormative world it helps me break down barriers. I have seen princesses even treat queers a little more special, cooing over their magical green hair or their pretty clothing.

And queers beam, and I have held friends as they cried because, unlike so many other people in their lives, a princess recognized their queer magic and accepted it.

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Jul 08,  · The Denver system is a very intense system. They don’t wear their gear on the way up the stairs. Their helmet is hooked to their bunkers to keep it out of the way, they are carrying an extra bottle, high rise pack of I believe ‘ of 2″ hose and the high rise stand pipe kit.

Starting with the skirt, which is worked sideways. CSDC, dc in the next 26 28, 30, 32, 34 sts. Working in BLO, sl st in the same st and next st, sc in the next 7 7, 8, 8, 10 sts, hdc in the next 7 9, 9, 10, 10 sts, dc in the last 9 9, 10, 11, 11 sts. CSDC, dc in the next 8 8, 9, 10, 10 sts, hdc in the next 7 9, 9, 10, 10 sts, sc in the next 7 7, 8, 8, 10 sts, sl st in the next st first sl st of previous row remains unworked.

Remove the hook from the loop. CSDC, dc in the next 8 8, 9, 10, 10 sts, hdc in the next 7 9, 9, 10, 10 sts, sc in the next 7 7, 8, 8, 10 sts, sl st in the next st. Repeat Rows 7 — 10, alternating between colors B through E for the Row repeats. Do not break Color A. For 6mths there will be 13 color stripes, for 12mths there will be 14 color stripes, for 18mths there will be 15 color stripes, for 2T there will be 16 color stripes, and for 3T there will be 17 color stripes. Moving to the yoke:

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December 13, The slight year-old was led with a group of other women into a small room and ordered to strip naked. Part one of a three-part Miami Herald investigation Hodge, who has been legally blind since she was 16, then was told to remove her glass eye. So she pulled it out with her fingers.

As a result, overall emissions from energy supply and the power sector fell 8 per cent last year compared to the previous year, the biggest contributor to the overall drop in emissions.

We don’t restore systems back to service, or shouldn’t if departments are — that’s your job. We can turn off valves but it’s better to make sure that someone with more knowledge puts the system back in service. Plus, it gets the guys cleared up quicker to get back to the station or the next call. They need to focus on mitigating other issues On further thought, sadly with some of the cuts taking place in the US fire service, you might have to take number 3 off the list in some cities too Monday, May 10, 3: Turn off sprinkler system, open drain.

Pull out wet vac and start sucking. Restore system to service, return to station. Monday, May 10, 4:

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Quick Start Guide Office All-In-One series. Ordering Information For additional supplies, use the following descriptions and order numbers. Description Order # service program that provides up to three full years of service and support coverage at a very attractive price. CarePAK offers toll-free Canon technical support and includes Canon’s.

Also, I love Colorado and the tranquility which comes after spending time in the woods. So, with those factors in mind, the Alpine was born. This design is smaller, crib size, but if you maintain the correct multiples then you can easily adjust any width you would need. Approximately yards of worsted weight yarn 5. However, keeping the correct multiple you can easily make this as wide as you would like!

DC in each stitch across. DC into the next st. SC in each stitch across. Turn row 5 — ch 1 counts as first SC. Post stitches are worked around the previous DC row. If you notice that the blanket is curling, then there are a few things that you can do to alleviate that. You could continue and block the blanket after it is completed. You could try adjusting your tension.

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Products Paintbrushes Chain Products are pleased to announce the launch of their range of technically advanced paint brushes. We have a product to sort, simplify and inspire. Short, Mid and Long Link styles to suit any purpose.

The FDC allows the engine to hook up and supply the sprinkler system to help extinguish the fire. Water pressure loses about 5 psi every floor, so if there’s a fire on the 20th floor, there wouldn’t be very much water coming out of the sprinklers at all after the initial building supply ran out.

This caused the disc to glow in the dark for some hours and troop leaders in the paratroops were issued these for the D-day night drop. They were affixed to the back of a helmet net or collar and were only visible from directly behind and not bright enough to attract enemy fire from the flanks or from any distance. This Brit-made specimen lacks the poison warning and was issued with the small cloth carrying bag, as shown.

Part of American militaria collecting lore claims that the US-made versions were dumped on the surplus market in the s or 60s and that the surplus store owners didn’t understand the poison warning nor the intended use for these discs. As the story goes, they placed boxes full of these gadgets out for sale, with a sign explaining that they contained arsenic, which was intended for use by captured OSS agents, to commit suicide if captured. A much-larger version exists, which is about three times the diameter of the small discs, and it is said that Military Police personnel wore these from head to toe, when directing traffic after darkness.

Edition of The Stars and Stripes newspaper of Tuesday, June 27, , carried the above-captioned headline. Part of the text of the article reads: Staff officers at Marshall Rundstedt’s own headquarters describe them as ‘luxury divisions’. Weber marveled at a tiny compass, steel files, first-aid equipment, aerial photographs, maps drawn on silk, morphine pills, chewing gum, and instruments for the imitation of animal sounds at night. The M-2 switchblade knife was carried in the upper chest, dual-zippered knife pocket of the M42 jump jacket.

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